About Begindergarten Preschool

The goal of Begindergarten Preschool is to provide a caring learning environment that focuses on personal, social and intellectual development.

We provide children with the opportunity to learn about their environment, get along with and respect others, accept responsibility, develop a positive self-image, develop confidence in new situations, and handle emotions in acceptable ways.

Our philosophy is that each child has a unique personality and will be treated as a special individual. Begindergarten Preschool offers classes for two age groups of children 3 through 5 years.

About the Director/Teacher

The Director/Teacher at Begindergarten, Julie Shaffer, has her B.S. in elementary education with an endorsement in Deaf Education K-12, M.S. in Special Education specializing in auditory/oral early childhood deaf education and an Early Childhood Endorsement. Mrs. Shaffer taught at a private school for hearing impaired preschool and kindergarten age children. She has extensive training and experience in language development and has worked closely with Speech and Language Pathologists in working with children with language delays. Mrs. Shaffer also has a background in music (voice and piano).

Begindergarten Preschool Handbook